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OUR WEBSITE    which is all about   VAN DUN 

To all our relatives outside Holland and Belgium.

When visiting our website you will notice this website is in DUTCH language only except the prescriptionform.    

As we wish to include all people with the name  VAN DUN  wherever in the world, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the familyorganisation VAN DUN, registered in the Netherlands, keeping records of approx  9000  names  VAN DUN in the Netherlands and Belgium. The familyname VAN DUN  can be traced into the early year of 1440 and has since then  been registered. Starting in the dutch region of Brabant, many of them has chosen to go abroad in many directions of which we keep no records or  no information except the knowledge that early records in the US show  since 1612 the name VAN DUN in Boston.

In the US our name also known as Vandun like the family Van der Bilt became Vanderbilt. 

To make things complicated we also know that for instance in  the UK where our ancestor CORNELIUS VAN DUN lived our name also is known as VAN DON and in Africa where BALTHASAR VAN DUN  lived our name is also known as VAN DUNEM or DUNEM, as we also know  from 1953 several VAN DUNS emigrated to Australia, so if you know any of them or are related pleasecontact us. 

We also publish articles in our magazine called Dundoenerij regarding the history of the family, there occupations, marriages, anecdotes and so on including  publication on the internet in English language when available.  

If  you are interested, and maybe for membership, please contact us through the website at the visitors page or write to the secretary Robert van Dun, Dioriet 1,  3831 VT Leusden,  The Netherlands. e-mail:, in English and we will respond.  

Yours truly, Robert van Dun